Network Support

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Engineerit will customize a support agreement to fit your needs.  Our flexible pricing will allow you to keep your present and new technology up and running.  Our Engineers will provide you with the following staff augmentation services:






We are currently offering the following rates:

Our rates are time dependent:

2 weeks up to 3 month - $50 per hour

3 months & a week up to 6 months - $40 an hour

6 months & a week up to 1 year - $35 per hour


That's only $35 up to $50 per-hour to have a dedicated support person!  

We serve businesses in leveraging outsourcing services to fill peaks in their business cycles, maintain quality of service during employee vacations and leave voids or for specific project implementations where hiring an additional employee is too costly.  Let me explain how this costs less than a typical full-time employee!  

Call us @ 480-922-0624