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Solving business needs have gone a long way in today's Information Technology world.  In today's business world technologies need to be design so that cost and functionality are optimized, while minimizing down time and productivity.  We can Engineer a customized solution for your needs after analyzing your environment and business requirements.  We will develop several recommendations with homogeneous and heterogeneous products and solutions, make a recommendation, receive approval and implement your business strategy.

We target four Business Model Fundamentals; utilizing our consulting expertise and your budget we’ll selectively provide you with the appropriate level of consultation.  We’ll review various types of technologies and make recommendations on products and services to produce a full life-cycle solution.  Because of our Tiered approach we’re able to assess your needs and determine whether you need a Network and Systems Assessment or Site Survey. We’ll determine if consultation on Planning and Designing your solution is required or if your business needs can be addressed with a specific Manufactures product or technology right over the phone.

        We’ll evaluate you core Infrastructure to insure functionality with existing and future Technologies such as VLANs, IP Telephony, Network Management or aggregation or design.

        We’ll evaluate you Security concerns and validate the level of security functionality and reliability of the specific IT solution or product solution towards your security policy and ensure your knowledge capital remains in full confidentiality with full integrity while maintaining information availability.

        We’ll introduce or review your wireless IT solution implementation for Interoperability, Security and Management.

It is our ability to recommend product IT solutions for specific requirements or multi-vendor IT solutions in a hybrid environment and make them work that gives us brand recognizes.  It is our ability to correlate your IT infrastructure plan and roll it up into your business plan or business model and show how it increases productivity, lowers cost, or improves customer satisfaction that sets Engineerit apart.  We take it a step further and show you how to optimize your return on resources, improve work-flow or processes,  and tie it all in your business Profitability, Margin, and Cost of doing business.  Our Consulting and business solutions will outline the ROI and TCO in our proposals.